Boundless Inspiration Is a Bargain at Any Price

Article by Mike Upchurch|3 min read|Oct 11, 2023

Most companies talk about the importance of living their values and building a people-focused culture. Far fewer really live up to that talk. But Boundless puts its money where its mouth is in many ways, and one of them is something we call the Inspiration Fund.

Every employee is granted $500 each year to put toward anything that helps them live their idea of a more boundless life. No restrictions are put on how they can use the money. The only thing Boundless asks in return is that they allow us to share in the inspiration and joy they find.

Boundless staff have used their Inspiration Fund for adventures, experiences, and hobbies as diverse and interesting as they are. The one thread that joins them all is the search for connection or, in some cases, reconnection. Far from being constrained, we all seem to feel more boundless when we’re joined to something or someone we care deeply about.

James Hilton, one of multiple creative/musician multi-talents here at Boundless, used his Inspiration Fund to secure studio time and record “Nightshine” (lyric video edited by Boundless Senior Art Director Justin Ford, who used his fund to buy an electronic drum kit). Music and creativity also inspired Sophia Spence from Account Services, who attended the massive music festival Lollapalooza in Chicago with her fund.

Travel inspires the curious mind, and the Inspiration Fund has helped many of our staff find adventure with loved ones in beautiful new places where connections can be deepened and reinvigorated. Copywriter Michael Berliner combined his love of music and travel to take his wife to the venerable Tanglewood Festival in the breathtaking Berkshires. Project Manager Lily Adair embarked on a Game of Thrones–inspired trip to Croatia to see many of the mega-hit series’ historic filming locations.

During their trip to the Berkshires, the Berliners also visited "The Mount," the home of noted author Edith Wharton. It's a historical site with an amazing sculpture garden featuring contemporary artists.

The Inspiration Fund can also help our staff connect with loved ones in other ways. Assistant Account Executive Gisel Montoya purchased a mountain bike to rediscover a childhood hobby she had shared with her deceased biological father, evoking cherished memories of him while also helping her connect with nature. Account Supervisor Jared Simons also used the Fund to hone his skills in mountain biking ahead of a high-stakes race and even paid it forward by also gifting a ticket to the same bike fest for his girlfriend so they could share this exciting pastime. Project Manager Nick Airey was able to reunite with dear but scattered college friends after a long absence with an Inspiration-Funded golf trip.

These are just a few of the ways the Fund has inspired our staff to seek out experiences that connect them to the world and to creativity, reflection, and self-expression. They bring that joy back with them to work, where it nourishes their teammates and fuels our unique culture. Shared inspiration is the core of what makes us Boundless.

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